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hi uh if u wouldnt mind would u plz tag all bugs/spiders just with /bug or /spider would work vv well srry thank u lots
by Anonymous

Of course!! Im so sorry i will try my best in future aah

hi friend. i need advice. there is a tumblr user ( i dont know them personally) who is having a pretty bad time, well an extremely bad time. i want to give them some words of encouragement and just help them really. what should i say to them?
by Anonymous

Well it depends on whats specifically happening , and its not my place 2 ask 4 details, so in general i’d say its good to often reassure them that ur there for them and that although things are rough now, everything is temporary. No matter what the problem is, 99% of the time it will pass that the sky will brighten again, and will have been worth the wait. I think generally trying to understand what they’re going through and being as loyal and sensitive to them as possible is the way to go. I hope i helped in some way maybe„ and i also really hope ur friend feels better soon :((